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Trade unions

The municipality is represented in the unions by delegates elected by the municipal council. 

Get to know these unions and your representatives.

Sanitation Syndicate of the Lower Doller Valley

President  :

Mr André HIRTH
1 Town Hall Square - BP 17
68520 BURNHAUPT-le-Haut

Full delegates  :  Joseph SCHNOEBELEN -  Cyril SCHINDLER

Alternate delegate  :  Mely CHRAPA 

Intermunicipal syndicate for the construction of the Maison Forestière de Burnhaupt

President  :

15 rue de l'Etang
68520 BURNHAUPT-le-Haut

Full delegates  :  Joseph SCHNOEBELEN -  Cyril SCHINDLER

Intermunicipal Syndicate for Drinking Water Supply in the Doller Valley

Full delegates  :  Marc BOHRER -  Mely CHRAPA  

Alternate delegate  :  Thierry Ziegler

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Mixed Syndicate for the Development of the Doller

Full delegate  :  Thierry Ziegler

Alternate delegate  :  Didier GAUTHERAT

Departmental Syndicate of Electricity of Haut-Rhin

Full delegates  :  Alain SUISSA -  Jean-Michel CLOG

Mixed Syndicate of Intermunicipal Country Guards

Full delegate  :  Elisabeth GHIRINGHELLI  

Alternate delegate  :  Thierry Ziegler

Land association

Mrs  Veronique SENGLER-WALTZ  is an ex-officio member.

Regular members  : Joseph HOLOCHER, Chairman - Didier GAUTHERAT - Antoine PARISOT - Annick SCHINDLER - Benoît DITNER - Franck DONISCHAL

Alternate members  : Henri PERROY - Germain MANG - Roger GENSBITTEL - Christophe GRUND

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