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Legal representations

Tender Committee - CAO

Full members: Jean-Michel CLOG, Cyril SCHINDLER, Alain SUISSA

Substitute members: Mély CHRAPA, Audrey FINCK, Aurélie HOUGLET

Communal Center for Social Action - CCAS

Elected members: Audrey FINCK, Elisabeth GHIRINGHELLI, Régine GIRARDI, Aurélie HOUGLET, Laetitia NINI

The following members of the board of directors were appointed by the Mayor:

Fernand THUET (UDAF) , René RITTER (Association "Through Life") , Jean-Paul SCHNOEBELEN, Claude MARTIN, Claudine MULLER

Communal Advisory Committee of Volunteer Firefighters - CCCSPV

Elected members: Mély CHRAPA, Audrey FINCK, Aurélie HOUGLET, Cyril SCHINDLER

Delegate to the Hunting Interest Group


Defense Correspondent

Thierry Ziegler

Commission for the Control of Electoral Lists

Full members: Audrey FINCK, Jean-Jacques HERRGOTT, Aurélie HOUGLET, Philippe SCHOEN,  Alain SUISSA

Substitute members: Clarisse BITSCH, Elisabeth GHIRINGHELLI, Laetitia NINI, Joseph SCHNOEBELEN

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