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The first human traces date back to Roman times. BURNHAUPT was at that time an important crossroads.

The name of BURNHAUPT appears for the first time in a document which dates from 853. The village appears among the goods of the abbey of MASEVAUX under the name of "BRUNNHOBETUM".

Under the successive leadership of the Counts of EGUISHEIM, the Counts of FERRETTE, the HABSBOURGs, BURNHAUPT develops and becomes an important agglomeration.

Annex of Burnhaupt-le-Haut, Pont d'Aspach owes its name to the bridge which crosses the Doller  : this bridge is a former toll, perhaps created by the counts of EGUISHEIM, hence the name of EXENBRUCKH which it bears in 1545.

The Thirty Years War (1618-1648) radically changed the face of our locality. The population is decimated by the war, by the famine, by the plague. Only 60 inhabitants will remain after the hostilities. Swiss, Tyrolean and Swabian immigration is the root of much of the current population.

The Revolution of 1789 announced major troubles for many years.  The Napoleonic wars and the war of 1870 only affected the village very slightly.

The population will decline from 1830, our locality, essentially agricultural, being confronted with an overpopulation. Many of our fellow citizens emigrate. Most will seek their happiness in the United States.

The "Great War" will bring its share of desolation and devastation. BURNHAUPT is on the battle front and will be totally destroyed.  The Second World War will prove to be more lenient.

Since that time, our agglomeration has prospered and we can affirm without false modesty that BURNHAUPT-le-HAUT is a village where life is good.

A past rich in history

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