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The forest of Burnhaupt-le-Haut

Characteristics of the Forest

The total forest area is 348 hectares .

It rests for 80% of its surface on rich silt from the Sundgau and for 20% on gravel from the Doller.

The forest species present are 39% beech, 33% oak, 9% hornbeam and 18% other hardwoods and finally 1% softwood.

28% of species are young (up to 30 years old), 44% in mature stands (between 30 and 80 years old) and 38% in mature and irregular stands (to be gradually renewed).

The management of the communal forest pursues 3 objectives:  

To preserve the environment  with carbon capture, surface water filtration, biodiversity and the creation of a green fabric.

produce  drink  to feed  the local timber industry generating job creation.

Develop a social function through leisure, living environment, school outings.

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